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Call Us Today!
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Irish Dexter

Irish Dexter Cattle -- A dual purpose breed that you can milk or eat. Because of their small size they often are referred to as “Mini Cows” or “Miniature Cow’s”, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are a small breed, and have always been. Because of this they are the perfect homestead cow and can be raised on very little acreage. You can raise your own grass fed beef with this wonderful breed and have your own milking cows. Our line of Dexter cattle also carry the A2 milk gene. This is the type of B-casein protein in milk that has wonderful health benefits. It is delicious to drink, makes great cheese, ice cream and yogurt! 

With Registered Irish Dexter Cattle like us you can…
  1. Raise your own grass fed beef 
  2. Have your own milking cows 
  3. Make your own cheese, ice cream and yog

Phrisky Farms 

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